Monday, December 27, 2010



1.How are you?

Surigaonon: Kumusta kaw?

2.I'm fine ,thank you.

Surigaonon: Marajaw ra ,salamat

3.Good Morning

Surigaonon: Marajaw na buntag

4.Good morning everyone!

Surigaonon:marajaw na buntag dijo hurot

5. Good evening

Surigaonon : marajaw na duyom

6.What is your name?

Surigaonon: Uno may ngayan nimo?

7.Who are you?

Surigaonon: Sin o man kaw?

8.I'm so happy today.

Surigaonon: Nalipay gajud ako kuman

9.Where are you going?

Surigaonon: Hain man kaw pasingod?

10. What time is it?

Surigaonon: Uno may oras?

11.Are you hungry?

Surigaonon: Tag gutom kaw?

12.How much is this?

Surigaonon: Tag pila man ini?

13.I'm so tired.

Surigaonon: Tag luja ako.

14.You are so beautiful.

Surigaonon: Kagwapa nimo.

15. I'm sorry


KaMoTe said...

Unreadable because of font color

linda lo said...

whats the meaning of "billa"

rhose.joers said...

nice choices of commonly used phrases for greeting somebody :)

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